Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Working Out the Kinks

Dear Blog Members:

I am working out the kinks in this blog thing as quickly as I can while I am on spring break this week. Man, it is complicated! The problem is that you tell your blog site one set of things, then you have to tell the Google Groups thing another set of things. The two don't always jive although at this stage you'd think they would find a way to make things easier for the casual blogger, me.

At this point you should not receive anything other than my posts -- none of the subsequent emails from anyone replying.

By the way, I'd love your comments and replies. Here's how to do it. You can just send me an email reply, which will come ONLY to my attention. If I click a magic button I can share your comments with the others, or not. Also you can comment directly onto the comment box at the bottom of each blog post. There is a weird glitch with this -- you need to click on the INDIVIDUAL post (which are all listed on the right hand of the page) to pull up the comment box sometimes. I have noticed when all the posts are strung together often the comment box ain't there for reasons I am not smart enough to figure out.

Enough tech talk. On with the good stuff.


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