Friday, September 24, 2004

Bintu Is Tentatively Approved for Her Visa

Hey everyone:

Thought I'd let everyone know that barring any last minute weird glitch, it appears that Bintu will have her Visa in hand as of Monday. They (the Embassy interviewers) have asked for a couple of minor verifications that will be carried back on Monday, and the Visa, according to Bintu, has been pre-approved pending those documents. All this means that Bintu, after waiting for six months, will finally be coming to Memphis.

It is my hope (and hers too) that she will be here mid next week. Anytime immigration is the issue, at least a million things can go awry. But we have both been very diligent in providing the officials precisely what they request so we don't forsee major problems at this point.

If she is issued the Visa Monday we want her on the first available flight from Dakar to New York. Then I will get her booked either to Memphis or, if cheaper and quicker, Little Rock or Nashville.

We are both running on fumes right now. Sleep has been virtually impossible. Afters weeks of lethargy and almost a paralysis on my part, I have only a few days to make my yard, house, and car presentable. A tall order. Hey, anybody who doesn't have any cleaning to do this weekend -- I'll buy ya a Coke if you pitch in.

A while back I thought of arranging a greeting party for her at the airport, but we have since reconsidered. It is going to be an emotional time for us and she will be so exhausted from the flights, not to mention culture-shocked, and wired on adrenaline, that we have both thought a later meet and greet party at our house may be a much better way for everyone to meet.

So look for this to happen soon. Thanks to everyone who has lent us emotional support during this difficult journey. As ol' blue eyes said -- the best is yet to come!